Frequently Asked Questions

Which replacement bands do I need for my Grand Band?

There are 2 categories of replacement bands.

The classic grand series require replacements band style GB BANDS (assorted colors) or GB BANDS-1 (all black). The stainless/sterling Grand Band is a perfect rectangle and requires bands that have a width of 3/8" Style numbers include:

GB 1000, GB 1025, GB 1050, GB 1200, GB 1225, GB 1250, GB 1300, GB 1325, GB 1350 and GB 3000

The 2nd Generation Grand Bands require band style GB 6000BANDS (assorted colors) or GB 6000BANDS-1 (all black). The stainless/sterling Grand Band has slighted round edges and requires bands that have a width of 7/16" Style numbers include:

GB 6000, GB 6000PS, GB 6000PG, GB 6000FS, GB 6000FG, GB 6000SS, GB 6000SG, GB 6000 8SDS, GB 6000 8SDG, GB 8000DG, GB 7000, GB 7000S, GB 7000F

What are my shipping costs?
Our shipping costs are automatically calculated based on product weight and represent the best possible discounts we receive via volume discounts through UPS. Except for Grand Band replacement bands and agenda refills all packages are shipped out via standard UPS ground.
What percentage of my American Breast Cancer Foundation purchase goes to the cause?
In addition to the annual donation we make and our family's contribution and participation in the 3 Day Walk in Philadelphia, 5% of all American Breast Cancer Foundation purchases are donated to ABCF.
What is the difference between top grain leather, split leather and bonded leather?

Top grain leather (or full grain leather) is the top-most, outer-most part of the hide. The most durable, natural and breathable, the top grain is most sought out for high end accessories, clothing and furniture. Depending on thickness and the tanning process the top grain ages beautifully and over time will wear well. Top grain leather is the most expensive of the hides.

Split Leather – after the top grain has been removed from the hide the remaining lower piece is the split. Maintaining many of the characteristic of the top grain, strength and durability in particular, what make split grains so valuable are the processes such as tanning and other process that create the soft suede finish. While less expensive than the top grain, the split leather is perfect most small personal leather accessories.

Bonded leather is least expensive of all three of the leather types. Using the leather materials that remain from the top grain and split grain processes, bonded leather, as the name implies, creates leather sheets that are genuine leather but are not full hides. Offering a less expensive option, bonded leather is great for small accessories and jewelry boxes while still creating the feel and quality associated with leather products.

What is our European Bidente collection?
Our European Bidente Collection is one of our best selling, most durable, time hallowed and stylish collections we sell. Hand crafted in Spain these wallets and accessories speak for themselves in terms of beauty and our customer testimony supports the ageless quality of this line. The Croco Bidente stamp inside wallets and accessories reference a Spanish folklore that all one can see of the Nile Croc while camouflaged is his two teeth ("bidente" being the literal translation "two teeth"). The grain used in these pieces is top grain leather that has been pressed and polished. While not genuine crocodile skin, the European Bidente collection has the exquisite look and feel of exotic skin and the craftsmanship of "Old World" Europe.


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