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Why a Budd Leather blog one may ask?  One could answer “why not”!  What we are trying to do is introduce you to us, even though we’ve technically been in business since 1946!  We are hoping to be helpful and informative in a serious and funny kind of way!  We are hoping that we can answer questions you may have, but in addition, have discussions pertaining to life and (what else?) Budd Leather products!! 

(Another reason, for the blog is our new webmaster really takes this “master” thing seriously and he is making us do this!)

So Budd Leather, in the past 66 or so years, has been through many changes.  If we’ve been one thing, we have always been a small family business.  It started back in 1946 with my Grandfather, Harry.  During the 1950’s, my father Bernard (Buddy) and his brother, (my uncle) Richard, continued on.  Just like in the Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy said “people seem to come and go here” -  we’ve had family members come in and out….Buddy’s sons Charlie & David, Charlie’s son Robert…and now the remaining two are…..drumroll please….Charlie & his wife Rose.  We originated in New York, and we are now in Pennsylvania.

We’ve also drastically changed the products that we once manufactured, as opposed to the products that we now have imported and manufactured for us.  The early years saw leather coat linings followed by the manufacturing of women’s small coin purses.  Then some of us have been lucky enough to travel all over the world from Europe to the Far East; we always are looking for quality small leather goods and gift items.

Welcome to our world of leather goods and gift items.  Hopefully, we will not overwhelm you or over-excite you, but should we do, we have a variety of pill cases we may be able to interest you in!!!



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