The Grand Band - It’s Not Great….It’s Grand!

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June is not only for Father's Day, it is a good month to honor all of the men who make an impact on our lives. Last month, we at Budd Leather Company devoted a lot of suggestions of products that enhance the lives of the women who are important in our lives. Now, we'd like to focus on products for June. The first product we would like feature is the Grand Band.

Once upon a time there was a man who refused to use a wallet.  His wife bought him trifolds and bifolds and slims and hipsters, but he was the happiest using a rubber band.  His preference of bands was the one used for broccoli!  This angered his wife as he had a drawer full of wallets and money clips never to be used.   Budd Leather can help with, the Grand Band.

The Grand Band is a very unique gift and also a very classy way to use a rubber band. We use a metal piece with a slit in it that allows a band to slide in.  Then you can wrap it around your money and/or credit cards with the metal side showing.  There is a huge array of Grand Bands to choose from, and of course, you can see them at!   Grand Band is still in the “Top 10” of Budd Leather gift items.  Our most popular Grand Band is made of stainless steel, with the sterling silver running a close second.  It also makes an amazing bridal party gift for either groomsmen or bridesmaids, as they can also be engraved!

So to say that there was a happy ending would not be a lie.  She had a Grand Band made up for him in sterling silver and had his initials in gold put on it!  He was so happy to use the rubber band and she was not embarrassed when he took out his money and all of their friends admired his unique money holder!  So for June, Grand Band is an excellent way to show your appreciation to the men who enhance your life.

Our pick, try the Stainless Steel Grand Band with Screw Frame


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