July Products - What’s Old Is New Again: Our Tie Case Is Back

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Tie CaseEveryone likes to find old clothing or items. Some dance for joy when old clothes fit once again, or when they come back into style. The Staff at Budd Leather Company has chosen July as their month to showcase old product and give them a face-lift. In the month of July Budd Leather Company will feature several items that have gotten a rejuvination. These products are products and accessories that have a great functional need for everyday life.

We at Budd Leather Company invite you to take a look at what was old, but now new again!

We had to bring it back again because you’ve kept asking. It is made of beautiful cowhide and it travels flat, making packing it a pleasure. We suggest that it holds between 4-6 ties and keeps them perfectly flat so that they remain crisp and ready to wear! We are , of course, referring to tie case style# 052353.

This is also a beautiful gift that can be personalized, making the recipient feel even more special. It is such a smart way to travel with ties for those very special and important occasions.

Please take a look at it here: 052353 Tie Case


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