July: What’s Old Is New Again - Your 2 Favorite Toiletry Bags Are Back

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050300 Toiletry BagWe will have them back by the end of July 2013 as per your many requests!  Soft and supple toiletry bags in two different styles at reasonable prices:
Style# 050300 is a Rectangular shaped single top zip and Style# 050304 is a flatter and wider double top zip with outside pocket.  Both bags have side carrying handles and leather engraving patches which can be personalized making it even more special a gift.    
We have always recommended traveling with a toiletry kit, it helps to coordinate and organize all of your toiletry essentials.  We always keep one as a “ready bag” so we are always ready to get up and go!
For more information on the #050300 Toiletry Bag please visit our page: #050300 Toiletry Bag.


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