July: What’s Old Is New Again - Your Favorite Jewelry Roll

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In July, we feature "What's Old is New Again" where we take popular products and revitalize them to meet your requests.

This is the third and final installment for this round of “What’s Old is New Again”.  This was the most requested item to bring back again….our BL 148 jewel roll.

This jewelry roll is made of the softest lamb skin with the all important secret pockets, earring/ring bar, and full length deep pocket.  It can be monogrammed for that personal touch making it more special as a gift. 

We listen to your requests….we are always open to suggestions…keeping in touch with us helps us provide you with gift items and personal leather goods that you really want! 

Please take a look at the Jewelry Roll herehttp://www.buddleather.com/products.aspx?sku=710


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