How Luggage Spotters can help on a Vacation


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Since we have been spotlighting the Luggage Spotter item for several months, we thought we would demonstrate how beneficial it is with a testimonial.

Have you ever gone on a cruise, and come out to the warehouse in a sea of luggage, all black? True story, My wife and I went on a cruise with another couple, we had red luggage spotters, our friends had yellow luggage spotters on our luggage. All the way in the back corner, we saw our luggage, and we were one of the first passengers out of the warehouse!

The whole goal of the Luggage Spotter item is to help you spot your luggage quickly and get you on your way. They have distinctive colors to catch your eye and can be personalized to still be identifiable as your piece of luggage. If you are interested visit our page:


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