Interesting Leather Facts

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Leather is a durable and flexible material used from the tanning of different animal hides.  Here are some examples:

  1. Full Grain - Hides that are not sanded or treated.  Contains imperfections and is used for footwear and furniture.
  2. Top Grain - Has a layer separated from the full grain making it thinner and has more bend to it.  It gets sanded and then a finish coat applied.  Top grain is used in higher end products
  3. Corrected Grain - Imperfections are sanded off and an artificial gain is pressed onto the surface.
  4. Split Grain- As the name indicates, it has several layers removed.  Depending on the how thick the split is depends on what the skin is used for.  Suede’s are usually made from splits.

There are so many more types of leathers that include Patent leathers (which are high glossed) or Buckskins (which are tanned with fatty materials).  There are Belting leathers and softer Napa leathers which are used for wallets and small leather goods.  There are so many more, too many to mention.

Our products are made worldwide and we have used top grains, corrected grains, splits and many other types.  There is so much more involved in the tanning and dying and treating of the skins.  Depending on the skin and procedures will also dictate the pricing.

We will not even pretend to know everything about the intricate procedures of tanning and treating the skins.  Leather pricing can also be dependent on animal diseases and ecological scenarios.  When there are avian viruses ostrich skins will go up in price!  Depending on the laws of the land will also determine whether some exotic skins are legal or not (as certain states in the United States do not permit the sale of certain skins).

Always remember, though, when choosing a finished product, especially the exotic ones, you try to catch the animal and see how hard that part is…it ain’t easy catching that ostrich or crocodile!!


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