Memorial Day: Cherishing the Memories of the Fallen Hero

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We talk of the Thoughtful Gift here at Budd Leather. A thoughtful gift is from the heart and commends a feeling of brotherhood, love, or famililal affection. There is another type of heart-felt gift, and that is duty. It is the honor of placing one's life in peril for the freedom and well-being of others. It is pushing one's human limits beyond the threashold of rational levels all in the idea that people who you do not know will enjoy liberties that should be afforded to all human beings.

This is the mindset of our fallen heroes. The heroes who fell safeguarding the rights and privledges afforded by this country. Those who went unconditionally to preserve these ideals on other shores. This is the idea of Memorial Day. Not the barbecues or days off from work. Not just the parades, but the ceremonies at gravesites with the application of the American Flag. We are meant to honor the dead who have paid the ultimate price so that we may remain free.

The practice of decorating the graves of soldiers is an ancient custom and practiced in America before the Civil War. The first publicized Memorial Day observation was in Charleston, SC on May 1st, 1865. However, Boalsburg, PA is widely accepted as the birthplace of Memorial Day as ladies were decorating graves there as early as July 4th, 1864. It was not until World War I and II that the concept of Memorial Day was firmly adopted and according emphasis on honoring the massive amount of American Fallen. Memorial Day, originally Decoration Day, was not adopted as the official name by Federal Law until 1967, and became one of four national holidays to become part of the Uniform Monday Act of 1968 which moved them from their traditional dates to Monday in order to create a convenient three-day holiday weekend.

Memorial Day endures as a holiday which most businesses observe because it marks the unofficial beginning of the summer season.

Now that you know about the holiday, make sure you honor a fallen hero on Memorial Day. 

However, what of their families or loved ones? One way of honoring a fallen hero is to show thoughtfulness of their wives, children, or mothers. While gift-giving is not normal for Memorial Day, giving a gift to a loved one of a fallen hero can show appreciation and concern on a day that honors their sacrifice.

Many of our staff at the Budd Leather Company have done that these last couple of years. One staff member has said that honoring the fallen by honoring their living is a show of love during Memorial Day. This ideal transcends parites, picnics, and vacations at the beach.

One such gift we recommend is the Lizard Framed Photo Case. A gift of family pictures (including images of the fallen) arranged in a tasteful manner can be an excellent gift to show you are thinking of them during this time of year. The frames will endure for a long time and spark fond memories.

Memorial Day is a time for reflection. Take time to reflect on the sacrifices of the past by giving a thoughtful gift for the future.



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