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Independence Day, which we call the Fourth of July, is more than just a day for picnics, parades, trips to the beach, and fireworks. Those things are great, of course, but the day recalls the struggle of this nation for independence and freedom to pursue its destiny. As a country the United States has seemed to be tarnished over the past 60 years, but the people of this nation, its core, is what gives strength to the principles that govern this nation. Independence Day is a national holiday that not only remembers the struggle for independence, but is a holiday that celebrates the American ideal and the people who comprise the nation.
4th of July has been an official national holiday since 1941, yet the celebration of Independence Day dates back to the American Revolution when it was originally celebrated on July 2nd 1776 when Virginia delegate Richard Henry Lee called for a vote of independence to a near unanimous vote. On July 4th, the Declaration of Independence was formally adopted and raised some controversy as to when independence could be legitimately celebrated. Eventhough the vote took place on July 2nd, it was decided that July 4th would be the day to celebrate. July 4th celebrations were honored by many famous men during the Revolutionary War period, especially George Washington. General Washington was reported to allow double rations for his men and gave personalized gifts to his officers. This gift giving was continued among the officers until the War of 1812. Generals in the 20th Century continued to give gifts to favored officers and comrades on Independence Day.
While Independence Day is usually a day for picnics and parades, it is not uncommon to give a thoughtful gift to someone to commemorate 4th of July. Such a gift might recognize the importance of the people to democracy and freedom. A gift might harken back to the gifts given during the Revolutionary years and after. Such gifts could be as simple as our Leather Key Fob or as extravigant as our Soft Nappa Slim Wallet.
Please be sure to have a happy and safe Independence Day from us at Budd Leather.
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