The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same!

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So as stated previously Budd Leather has morphed over the years!  If we didn’t change with the times we don’t believe we’d still be around!!  We were the middle man, or the wholesaler who sold to the retail stores.  Years ago we did a lot of trade shows.   They were long hard days but they gave us the opportunity to travel our country and to meet in person so many of our customers who purchased our products for their stores or for their own personal use.  We may have changed our media for reaching customers, and we may have changed some of our products, but so many of our styles are tried and true small leather good classics! 

Although they say oldest known purse was discovered with the mummy of Otzi the Iceman (you cannot make this stuff up)…and no, he was not a customer of ours!!  They actually found out that it was a leather pouch that he wore around his waist….the original “fanny pack”…who knew!?  Over the many years, we have had people ask us “if we still sell” or “do you know where we can get”.  We think the last time we sold a fanny pack was back in the 1990’s. 

One of the oldest styles of coin purse that we sell is actually for a man, not a woman!  We can remember at a trade show in the late 1980’s an older gentleman asking us if we still sold “tray purses”, which of course, we did!  He was reminiscing about the “old” days when his tray purse cost him under $ 1.00!!  So we showed him approximately 10-15 different styles of tray purses ranging in price from about $ 8.00 retail to over $ 50.00.  You can very well imagine that he was not happy with the pricing  increases but considering he bought his original one way back in the 1930’s or 1940’s it wasn’t so bad!! Just for your information, though, the more expensive ones were hand made in Spain and you are paying for the better quality of the leather used.  Over the years one thing that has remained the same (or has even gotten better) is our customer service….and you can’t put a price on that!!


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