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May is the month of spring. We use the time to celebrate the renewal of nature and the true birth of the current year. It is no wonder that the month also celebrates mothers and those women who have given birth to all of us. May, as the month of spring, is also the month of gardens. Many gardens spring to life during this month and it is truly a wonder to view. Many families give flowers or plants that are a kind of an encapsulated garden meant to invoke that feeling of spring. 

We would love to suggest, as an alternative to giving flowers or plants for your special person, our Secret Garden Accessories.

Women love to look coordinated and so should their handbag accessories!  One of our most popular groups of accessories are the Secret Garden, a beautiful sparkled black enameled background with three raised flowers and a crystal in the center of each  flower.

We offer a pill case in either a round or rectangular shape.  There is also a single lipstick holder with mirror (who doesn’t wear lipstick), a business card case (professional looking to keep your cards in a case) and a handbag holder (much cleaner and safer way to keep your handbag close by).

These are perfect little gifts to make anybody receiving them feel very special. 


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