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June is not only the month for thinking of father's, but its also good for gifts for all the important men in our lives. Grand Band can be a great gift for all of them.  [read more]
A reminder of the upcoming Last Chance Ranch PupPawLooza. Budd Leather Company has a booth and is actively participating in the event.  [read more]
In May we have discussed gifts for the special woman in your life whether it is moms, wives, or friends. To wrap up our May events, we talk about the Secret Garden Accessories.  [read more]
In the month of may we discuss great gifts for Mom and offer our products as examples to make the month of May special, and just not on Mother's Day.  [read more]
  We lovingly call this item our “Grandma’s Photo Case” but, of course, it can be used by anybody!   There are still people left in this world who do not use  [read more]
We talk about leather. We talk about the craftsmanship of leather, especially old world craftsmanship.  [read more]
Every First Tuesday of the Month is Cruzday in support of the Last Chance Ranch, in Quakertown, PA, where we also fostered then adopted our wonderful little guy named, Cruz!  [read more]
Interesting Leather Facts to help you choose the right product that is best for you! We love an educated client!  [read more]
We discuss coin purses today: What they are, where they came from, and why you should need one! Help us to educate you on the coin purse!  [read more]
Why a Budd Leather blog one may ask? What we are trying to do is introduce you to us even though we’ve technically been in business in since 1946! We are hoping to be helpful and informative in a serious and funny kind of way!  [read more]