Great Gifts for June: The Budd Leather Company Humidor

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This week we feature the Cigar humidor, a gift for a cigar smoking man who enjoys having his cigars kept at the proper condition that he expects. This month is the month to honor the men in our lives who are fathers, husbands, sons, grandfather's, uncles, or close friends, who have had an impact on us. At Budd Leather Company, we offer the Cigar Humidor as one of the great proucts we offer as an excellent gift.

Here is what the staff of Budd Leather Company has to say:

"We have made an exception to our rule (and rules are made to be broken, right?)!  We said we would never do cigar humidors again.  Well, we think we have found such a great humidor that we had to!  It’s not too big; it’s not too small, it’s just right!!"

It is genuine leather and is the perfect size for keeping anywhere; home or it can travel with you. Available in black only, it has a magnetic closure and includes a humistat.  Remember, it is recommended that you use distilled water in the humistat.    

See for yourself:


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