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The first week of May we featured a product to consider for Mother's Day, the Mothers Day Gift Idea - The Lizard Grained Photo Case. Many people focus on Mother's Day as the quintessential day to honor the selfless moms, mothers, aunts, and grandmothers with praise, cards and gifts. We like to highllight Mother's Day as the important event on our May Calendar here at Budd Leather. 

However, for a lot of people, gift giving does not stop there, and the types of gifts are often sentimental and utilitarian in nature, in addition to the common cards, flower, and candy. One area of focus is what to get for the individual that is not very tech minded. Grandmothers who do not own a smartphone with which to maintain their contacts, wrtie notes and grocery lists, or keep pictures of family and loved ones, often require a small bit of organization to 'keep things straight'. We recommend the Lizard Grained Envelope.

Our lizard grained envelope is a perfect gift to help anybody keep a little more organized.  The advantage of using our lizard grained calf is that is doesn’t show scratches on the leather.  It makes it so easy to find “that special piece of paper” you threw in your bag when you know it’s in your beautiful leather envelope. 

People can use this to hold anything, there are no rules!  It can hold 4x6 photos, receipts or even coupons.  It makes is so much easier to keep it all in one place in your handbag or brief bag.  The color selection is huge and going with a brighter color makes it so much easier to find in your bag!  Also remember that this can be personalized with a monogram making the gift even more special!



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